Our Ranges

Our aromatherapy candles have been specially blended by us from a complex combinaion of natural essential oils to create four beautiful ranges.  We have carefully chosen oils for their therapeutic benefits to ensure that each candle give a mood enhancing experience.  Within each range we have large candles, travel size candles and wax melts available.

Our Ranges

Our Ranges

BEE Energised

This range has been blended to invigorate and stimulate.  We have 2 scents available within this range:

Lemongrass & Ginger

The main oils used are Lemongrass which relieves headaches and boosts energy and Ginger is good for relieving exhaustion.

Lime & Mandarin

The main oils used are Lime oil which is known for its stimulating effect on the mind and Mandarin oil which is an instant mood lifter and good for removing stress and anxiety.

BEE Energised
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BEE Uplifted

This range has been blended to harness positivity and inspire.   We have 2 scents available in this range:

Geranium & Clary Sage

The main oils used are Geranium which relieves stress and reduces depression and Clary Sage which can boost self esteem, confidence, hope and mental strength.

Rose Geranium & Cypress

The main oils used are Rose Geranium which has a balancing effect on the nervous system whilst lifting the spirits and Cypress oils which has a calming and soothing effect on the nerves.

BEE Uplifted
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BEE Sensual

This range has been blended to inspire romance and warmth.  We have 2 scents available in this range:

Patchouli and Rosewood

The main oils used are Patchouli and Rosewood which can both have a libido enhancing effect.  They are also good for relieving stress and mental clutter. 

Jasmine and Sandalwood

The main oils used are Jasmine oil which calms the body and awakens romantic feelings and Sandalwood oil which helps to reduce anxiety, stress and promote inner peace.


BEE Sensual
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BEE Calm

This range has been blended to relax and inspire peace.  At present we have 1 scent in the range


Lavender and Sandalwood 

The main oils used are Lavender which is soothing, balancing and calming and can help induce relaxation and Sandalwood which promotes a harmonious feeling with a clear and calm awareness.

BEE Calm
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  • Claire, London

    "I have been purchasing Hive candles for a couple of years now as they are such good quality and burn so well.   The fragrance can be smelt all over the house and my particular favourites are Lavender and Sandalwood and Jasmine and Sandalwood.  I love the melts as well, they have a good aroma and last well. Beautiful packaging and products".

  • Elaine, Hertfordshire

    "I have bought from the Hive Candle Company a couple of times now and am very pleased with every candle I have had.  The scent fills the room beautifully and the packaging is so lovely so they make perfect gifts too".

  • Liz, Great Dunmow

    "I totally love the Hive Candle Company, each of the candles has its own unique fragrance that keeps the room smelling amazing even after it's blown out. Also feels good to burn enviromentally friendly and healt friendly candles especially when you have kids in the house".

  • Katie, London

    "Fabulous candles, smell is amazing.  Ladies were so helpful when I contacted them. Fast delivery. Cannot recommend them highly enough".

  • Claire, Essex

    "I purchase candles for all occasions! Birthdays, aniversaries, moving in and teacher gifts. They look and are packaged so well. Each Christmas I buy my family and friends the small festive scent candles which has now become a tradition.  With each of the candles the scent is so beautiful they smell throughout your house.  The scents available cater for all preferences".

  • Amanda, Billericay

    "Divine candles that come beautifully packaged. I have been using these candles in my treatment room and lots of patients comment on the wonderful fragrance. Not only do they smell good, but they are completely natural so no nasty toxic substances polluting theair. One of my colleagues was so impressed with the fragrance she bought one also for her treatment room".